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History of Vefa High School



•In 1872 Vefa High School, started non-military education.

•In our history of education,  Vefa High School is the first high school to educate in native language and the first non-military high school.

•In 1881 the school was moved to Mutercim Rustu Pasa Mansion and was renamed as 'Vefa Idadisi'

•After the great fire at Vezneciler in 1910, Mutercim Rustu Pasa Mansion, was given to the families who were affected by the fire and the school was moved to Saffet Pasa Mansion.

•In 1912, most of the students and teachers volunteered to fight in the Balkan War, and unfortunately not many of them returned. At that time these buildings were used as a hospital for the wounded under the name of 'Hilâl-i Ahmer' hospital.

•In 1914, the school was temporarily moved to nowadays Cagaloglu Anatolian High School.

•In 1917 it was moved back to Mutercim  Rustu Pasa Mansion.

•After the proclamation of the Republic in 1924, «Vefa Sultanisi»'s name was changed to «Vefa Boy High School» and it was given the status of a modern-day male-only high school.

•In 1925, Vefa High School was closed down and it continued as a middle school.

•With the support of graduates, the school was permanently moved back its original building and started once again educating as a high school.

•After the closure of 'Yuksek Ogretmen Okulu' – 'higher teacher education school' in 1949, their building was given to Vefa High School and is now used as a dormitory.

•In 1959, a male dormitory was established and was later closed. After September 12 1980 it became a female dormitory, making the school a mixed-gender high school.

•In 1971, the Middle Building was built .

•In 1990, the school was officially an English-teaching Anatolian high school.

•After the Earthquake in 1999, the Dormitory and Middle Building was damaged and shut down. With the support of the ministry of education and IMKB, the dormitory was reopened in 2001 and the middle building was reopened a year later.

•1872 - Mekteb-i Mülkiye

•1873- Mekteb-i Mülkiye İdadisi 

•1911- Vefa Mekteb-i Sultanisi 

•1924- Vefa Boy High School

•1925- Vefa Middle School 

•1933- Vefa High School 

•1989- Vefa Anatolian High School 

•2001- Vefa High School

•At 2006-2007 academic year, education duration was determined as preparation+4 years by the ministry of education.

•As from 2015, our school is a «Project School»

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